What Are Million Dollar Relationships?

Who is Danielle and what are Million Dollar Relationships with Customers?

Professional Motivational Speaker, Danielle Storey knows that whether you have a desire to own a Million Dollar Business, or you simply want a business that makes you and your customers feel like a Million Dollars, it all comes down to how you engage with your customers, partners, staff and yourself.

Price is rarely a factor for consumers when they are choosing to give their custom to their loyal providers and suppliers. How you communicate with and spoil your customers will determine whether or not they will return for more of your service or product.

If you are working in an industry that is price conscious and highly competitive you can develop loyal customers and raving fans just like Danielle and her The Cartridge Family team did.

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What is a Million Dollar Relationship with Self?

Some days we jump out of bed feeling like a Million Dollars. And other days, well, it’s too darn hard. And, added to that, a Million Dollars just isn’t what it used to be!

Danielle Storey knows that feeling good about herself is more than just having a positive attitude. And loving self? It’s a big airy-fairy concept that makes it really hard to understand, let alone to practice.

She lives and shares the practices that she has used to transform herself from a perceived failure to someone who is comfortable in her skin. Danielle is a motivational speaker and mentor to business owners and entrepreneurs who need a little boost to develop great relationships with themselves, so that they can have great relationships with the people around them.

If you want to jump out of bed feeling like a Million Dollars, spend some time with Danielle exploring some of her practical and do-able thoughts and tools.

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