COLES – Marcus Ooi

“Danielle took time out of her busy schedule to talk to the Coles Architecture Group about innovation. I found Danielle to be a truly authentic speaker who shared inspiring stories of success, while bringing loads of energy and enthusiasm to the group. She drew upon her extensive experience to really connect with a progressive-thinking, technical audience. After the session, Danielle spent time one-on-one with members of the audience to network and answer questions – it was obvious that she had piqued their interest in creativity, innovation and problem solving. I’d highly recommend Danielle as both a speaker and mentor in business.”

Many thanks for your involvement in Indigo Shire’s Streetlife program which involved delivering Customer Engagement Workshops in the small communities of Chiltern and Yackandandah in North East Victoria.  Your presentations were fantastic. They were really well received, highly motivating and entertaining with quality content. Everyone walked away enriched by the experience. In particular, I wanted to thank you for the extra effort you put in through the one on one mentoring sessions – a great example of bundling to use one of your terms. Connecting with eight local businesses in this way delivered huge direct benefits.Your presentations and business engagement is based on delivering great service and you certainly practice what you preach! Excellent value for money here. Love to have you back soon.

Danielle is an exceptional speaker with the ability to impact her audience in a very positive way. To me, the judge of a good speaker is what actions they inspire from their audience and I’ve successfully implemented more of Danielle’s ideas than any other speaker I’ve listened to. 

I have heard Danielle speak several times now and always find her commanding my full attention. She is a true success story and I find I can very much relate to her ups and down in business and find her inspiring and very easy to listen to. Her ideas are definitely utilized in the day to day running of my business. She is truly a great speaker…

Disarmingly charismatic. From the first words Danielle captivates her audience as she shares her true feelings and beliefs that the right mindset can get you through the tougher timers. Motivating and inspiring without the commercial hype.

Danielle Storey has a unique gift – the ability to connect fully and profoundly with any audience. On a personal level, her presentation of practical wisdom blended with heartfelt experience has resonated deeply with me, and her messages continue to positively impact my life on a daily basis. Thank you, Danielle, for your inspiration and for bringing your speaking gifts to the world’s stage.

Everyone in life, I believe has a purpose, and for me I ‘sort of’ knew what I thought that was – to help others. Since working with Danielle she has encouraged me to work on the purpose and values of who I am and what I believe in and how I have ‘come through the other side’ to enable my message for others to shine. In the 3 months that I have worked with Danielle, I now feel empowered enough to believe that my story and my message is of value to others and that they want to hear what I have to talk about.

…sometimes the greatest battle is our own battle… it’s the conversation that goes on in our head…Danielle is walking proof that when you put your energy and attitude towards the ‘things’ that you can control.. and yes even those that you wish were not on your plate to control… what transpires is an amazing sequence of events which generally provide great results…