Get better results from your coaches and mentors

better coach and mentor

Have you ever had a coach? Can you unequivocally say it worked for you? If not, do you really know why? I have been talking to a few people over the past couple of weeks about their coaches and uniformly I have been hearing sad tales of high hopes and low results. Should they blame… [Read More]

Looking like an IDIOT to be more successful


I have a confession to make. I will sometimes delay my successes by not asking for the right help. Sure I know how to Google like a pro to find answers. And I am quite ok at providing answers for other people’s problems. But I’m not so good at actually asking an expert for help…. [Read More]

Want to grow and be more successful? Choose a theme for each year.

Theme for a Year

A few years ago I found myself lamenting that a year passes quickly and I felt I was on a treadmill – lots of activity but no progression in my development. Each year on, I was still battling the demons that I had battled the year before. Consciously I decided to be more strategic in my life development… [Read More]

I am Motivated!

Danielle Storey shares motivational tips to help you stay motivated!

I am motivated! And being motivated is what is bringing me all the success I deserve. In case you don’t know me personally, being successful was something just out of my reach, because I suffered the “curse” of procrastination. I didn’t realise that I could work hard and not hurt. Sound familiar to you? Becoming… [Read More]