The P Hat

Perfectionism can lead to procrastination... learn how to avoid this from Danielle Storey!

I re-learned something about myself last week. My perfectionism slows me down and stops me from stepping forward. Huh! Who would have thought I was a perfectionist? My desk is a little messier than most, and my bedside table? Don’t go there. Thanks to our Corporate Coach, I discovered my little perfectionism secret a couple… [Read More]

From Procrastination to Motivation & Success

A variety of motivational tools & resources helps Danielle Story stay focused & motivated everyday.

I was an expert in the finer points of procrastination. I would put off anything that made me feel uncomfortable until I ran out of time, and then I would trudge the failure path. Sound familiar? Now I dance on the right track to being motivated EVERY DAY, achieving great results in my relationships, my… [Read More]

Motivation’s Easy!

Australia Motivational Speaker, Danielle Storey can motivate your audience!

Motivation’s easy…… when the “project” is something I want to do! Motivation’s really hard when the “project” is something I don’t want to do. If this is a true statement for you, perhaps you could spend a moment of the procrastination time asking yourself a few of the WWHW questions. WHAT is it that I… [Read More]

I am Motivated!

Danielle Storey shares motivational tips to help you stay motivated!

I am motivated! And being motivated is what is bringing me all the success I deserve. In case you don’t know me personally, being successful was something just out of my reach, because I suffered the “curse” of procrastination. I didn’t realise that I could work hard and not hurt. Sound familiar to you? Becoming… [Read More]