That was Uncomfortable! A Balinese Lesson in Customer Service

Bali taxi customer service

We love travelling. New experiences expand our minds and grow our hearts with understanding and tolerance. It also teaches us more about good customer service. It makes us feel comfortable and for many people, feeling comfortable when they travel is a good thing. Not like the taxi driver we experienced on one Bali journey from… [Read More]

When it all goes wrong, do you know what you want?

Logical Brain

How often do things go wrong in your world? I mean little things; let’s not even go there for the really big things right now. I’m talking about things like bad customer service, or a product breaking or even a promise broken by a company you have been buying from. When something goes wrong how… [Read More]

Do You Screw Up? Three things you MUST do to be a Great Business

Say Sorry Properly

Businesses in Australia screw up all the time. Orders don’t arrive when they should, phones don’t get picked up quickly enough and what is promised doesn’t get delivered. Customer service teams don’t understand what we want and staff don’t seem to be able to get it right. Start a conversation with someone today and I… [Read More]