Do You Believe in Yourself?

Sitting at the Business Excellence Awards in Manningham this morning I heard over and over again something very important. Most people don’t believe in themselves naturally. But when they do believe, the results are astounding. The panel, made up of past years’ awards winners and led by Stefan Kazakis (one of my favourite coaches) shared how the awards transformed their… [Read More]

Get better results from your coaches and mentors

Have you ever had a coach? Can you unequivocally say it worked for you? If not, do you really know why? I have been talking to a few people over the past couple of weeks about their coaches and uniformly I have been hearing sad tales of high hopes and low results. Should they blame… [Read More]

Necessity, the Mother of Gin, whilst waiting for Whisky

Has your business reached your dream goal? Or is it still a bit “whisky” business for you as you juggle cash flow, time and resources? It has been said for centuries, that necessity is the mother of invention. Never is that more true than in the the fledgling whisky industry of Tasmania where whisky takes time… [Read More]

5 ways to Rekindle that Happy Feeling in Business

Let’s face it running a business isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. As leaders of businesses big and small we are often busy and stressed and it’s so easy to lose sight of the fun and joy that we felt in the very beginning. Here are five ways to rekindle that happy feeling in… [Read More]