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Communities thrive when they come together to share new ideas and plan new ways to get things done.

Danielle Storey is the Million Dollar Relationships with Customers specialist. She walks her talk as co-owner and Sales & Marketing Director of the international, million dollar success story, The Cartridge Family, where she has created systems in customer delight in an industry that is strongly price driven with very narrow margins. Her customers rarely question price and hurry to open their invoice EVERY TIME.

Danielle shares PROVEN strategies that help businesses find customers, keep them delighted, create customer loyalty and delight everyone on the team.

Danielle Storey speaker

Her presentations are inspiring, humour-filled and contain illuminating self-development tips as well as practical and easy to implement business tools to help you create relationships that make everyone feel like a million dollars.

In her keynotes and workshops Danielle ensures that attendees are focusing on their own businesses and walking away with easy to implement processes and plans to build million dollar relationships with their customers, their staff, their families and with themselves.

Danielle engages with groups and individuals to help them implement practical processes and create workable systems that result in engaged owners, loyal staff and raving fans.



Danielle Storey has presented at a number of our events for women in business. She is a charismatic and authentic speaker - and each time the audience was completely engaged, inspired and motivated by her combination of warm personal stories and extensive professional expertise. I highly recommend Danielle to you.

Peace Mitchell and Katy Garner - The Ausmumpreneur Network

That was one of the better motivational talks that I've heard delivered. Talks like you delivered keep the fires burning.

Daryl Gordon

Danielle is an exceptional speaker with the ability to impact her audience in a very positive way. To me, the judge of a good speaker is what actions they inspire from their audience and I've successfully implemented more of Danielle's ideas than any other speaker I've listened to. 

Michael Doyle. Territory Leader Breyk-throo Wagga Wagga, Franchise Owner

Danielle gave great insight into business structure and the importance of building first and world class relationships. We would recommend Danielle to any company in any industry for those looking to offer first class service.

Adam Flynn CEO Biggin & Scott Knox

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The key to success is the cultivation of those relationships that make us get up every day and feel like a million dollars.