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Ditch_The_Pitch_June_2015_full_edited_audio_First_FrameDitch The Pitch Workshop

Great results are always underpinned by congruent and effective relationships.
This is the full Ditch The Pitch networking workshop AUDIO recording.
Learn to build better relationships in business, in work and in life. Have better conversations.

Learn the 3 steps to be a better networker, and the 3 mindsets that master networkers display.

  • Develop the stories that will engage people immediately
  • Get clarity on what you want to achieve in many situations
  • Create a people-engaging plan that is easy to achieve
  • Understand your role in conversations
  • Easily start and develop conversations
  • Become the person people “like”and want to “buy from”

Appropriate for business owners, sales people, job seekers, introverts and extroverts alike.

Recorded from a live workshop July 2015. Presented by networking specialist Danielle Storey from

1 hour 45 Minute Audio delivered via You Tube ONLY $99

I have been to a few workshops relating to networking but Danielle’s ‘Ditch the Pitch’ is the best so far. I learnt more in a couple of hours than the other workshops combined.  It was realistic, informative and lots of fun. I came away with practical steps to improve my networking skills. Thanks Danielle.  (Sandra Watt, Bay Fish N Trips)

Until 15 August 2015, you will receive the audio workshop
PLUS a BONUS 12 Week Audio Program

Your Customer Delight System
A 12 week Create your Own Customer Delight System MP3 Email Program to be delivered by email each week to keep you inspired and on-track to creating profitable customer relationships. Includes manual.

When you implement Customer Delight processes and strategies you set yourself apart from the competition. There are as many Customer Delight strategies as there are businesses in the world so the chances of your competition using the same strategy as you are very slim.

Delighted customers become raving fans. The really great thing about raving fans is the way they talk about a business in a way that makes other people want to buy from them.  Raving fans are great people to network with too.

Why would you need a Customer Delight System?

If you have got existing customers and you’re a business that requires sales to keep going then you need a way of connecting with your existing customers.  It’s all very well to go out and try and advertise or use other lead generation activities to grow new businesses. But it is many times more effective to market to existing customers. Implementing a Customer Delight System will help you grow raving fans and it will give you the opportunity to connect with your existing customers on a regular basis, inviting them to return and purchase from you again.

The steps to creating your Customer Delight System are:

  1. Segment Customers / WHO do you want to Delight?
  2. Identify triggers / what is their pain or their love?
  3. WHY do you want to Delight them?
  4. HOW do you want them to respond?
  5. How MUCH do you want to spend per customer / per campaign
  6. WHEN would you like to reward them?
  7. How do you want to physically DELIVER the items?
  8. Choose SUPPLIERS and perhaps get someone else to PAY them
  9. What PRODUCT will you choose?
  10. What name or branding will it have?
  11. What customer data have you collected / do you need to collect?
  12. Have the product delivered and begin distribution

These steps can be accomplished easily when allocated over a 12 week period or delegated to appropriate personnel.

Valued at $497 It’s yours FREE when you purchase the Ditch The Pitch Audio Workshop

I attended Ditch The Pitch in Mornington and loved that the content help me to reaffirm some of the processes that we use at McDonalds. I can also use some of the ideas with my management team. I highly recommend attending a Ditch The Pitch session with Danielle.  James Richardson | Restaurant Manager | McDonalds Skye

Danielle’s very obvious talent, skill & professionalism when facilitating this event was infectious. She also made the session fun, not to mention interesting! Since attending her workshop, I have attended numerous networking events and am delighted to report that what Danielle teaches you, actually works! I’ve had a completely different outcome to my professional networking since being taught by Danielle. The value received from attending her workshop far exceeded the cost of the workshop, which in itself is a rare commodity. Leanne Williams | Nicholas Lynch

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