Welcome to a space of supported change. Your space and time to create what you want to create next in your journey.

Change doesn’t have to come to us at the speed of a freight train, with the impact of a brick wall. Change doesn’t need to hurt.

Change can come as result of choice.

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Change is created by gaining clarity and setting small achievable goals in regular, accountable sessions. It’s created by YOU, driven by you and guided by the people you choose to help you achieve, succeed and move forward.

Our sessions revolve around YOU. They are scheduled to be as regular as you choose to make sure that you are getting the inspiration, motivation and accountability that you feel you need to design the change and success you desire. They can focus on practical options, such as business development or job/role enhancement and opportunities or they can involve some personal introspection to smash through the thinking or behaviour that might hold you back.

As a unique blend of mentor and coach, I am a safe place to land.  I am a connector and conduit. I am a problem solver. Some clients come to me short term to resolve something and others enjoy something longer. But of course, it’s not about me, it’s about you. I welcome a conversation – you might call it an interview – to explore if we are a right fit. You might be a business owner or an employee looking for change or someone looking for your ideal role, either at work or at home. You might be a busy Director. You might be a healer. You might be a communicator. You might be all of the above. Whatever you do, your heart looks constantly to evolve, to grow and to share. I want to help you do that.”

Why choose Danielle as your mentor/coach?

With support and encouragement, Danielle, guides people to manage their own learning and help maximize their potential, develop their skills, improve their performance and achieve the goals they are targeting.   Her successful relationships are based on mutual trust and respect.

Clients are kept focused on issues at hand and are pointed in the right direction towards generating resolutions that best fit their needs.   Along the way, Danielle brings empathy and confidence brought about by her own success in dealing with similar experiences and the understanding of the challenges faced.

Keys to her successful mentoring involve :-

  • Inspiration: Developing new processes for growing customer bases, retaining existing clients and exploring new prospects. Creating opportunities for new relationships and opportunities.
  • Motivation: By meeting regularly, Danielle sustains accountability, prompts the necessary agreed steps in achieving the set goals.
  • Transformation: Becoming a leader who makes time to work on personal and professional goals through regular communication with self and others.

Danielle offers confidential advice on issues that are important to her clients. She helps with client self-development and, in particular, encourages empowerment to make their own decisions and resultant actions.

I was lucky enough to win a Mummy Mentoring Session time with Danielle Storey.  An amazing woman! In the time that we spent talking she has given me some great tools to help me with my business. Tools that will long outlive our session. What a great initiative from Motivating Mum – not only to support a good cause but to help businesses and women in business in the process. Thanks again for supporting mums in business.

Milena, The Nursery Bird.

I simply had to sign up for mentoring sessions with Power Rocket Danielle Storey from Million Dollar Relationships, when I attended one of her famous ‘Ditch the Pitch’ Sessions late 2013.

She is definitely one to follow – she over-delivered each and every time. With her wealth of knowledge she was able to show me how to set my speaking business up for success. She walked me through powerful ways to build relationships with people and prospective clients. Danielle virtually (and I mean virtually!) held my hand in setting up a group ‘Be Free from DV’ on Linked-In, taught me how to save time with shortening urls and the list goes on and on.

She has this uncanny knack of getting under one’s skin – I am so pleased that I had this brilliant opportunity – so much so that I am starting to spell my word ‘story’ with an ‘e’!

Danielle Storey, you rock and I will be forever grateful to you for stirring up my courage in sharing my ‘storey’ with those who yearn to be inspired and empowered!

Ruth Stuettgen
Focus on Balance – Speaker, Coach, Mentor