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Do you market to attract new clients?

Do you love it or hate it? Some business owners love marketing to gain new clients but most don’t.  Often that is because there are so many options and not enough time or money to explore them all to create a successful marketing mix.

How much money have you spent since you began your business on these activities?

• Advertising
• Networking
• Telemarketing
• Joint Ventures
• Referral Programs
• Cold Calling and Marketing

But they are a necessary evil, right? To be successful, your business must always be spending customer attraction marketing dollars to succeed?


Many of the biggest companies and brands in the world get this wrong. They throw millions of dollars into advertising programs designed to attract you, the potential customer.

And here is where they go wrong:

Then they ignore you.

As a result you leave them, attracted by the lure of their competitor’s better price or offering which means they have to keep throwing more money into more advertising to win you back.

In most cases, when businesses spend money on attracting new customers, the customer is not profitable until after the second or third or fourth purchase. If a customer leaves before then all the money spent on that marketing is wasted.

If you have a business with customers it is highly likely that this is happening to you too. A percentage of your customers will be leaking away from your business to your competitor’s better price or offering.

The sad thing is some business owners know this and continue to do what they have always done –market to attract new customers to replace them. Even sadder, some business owners don’t even know it is happening. Unfortunately, this second scenario was us.

Fortunately we discovered it in the nick of time and did something about it. In this eBook you will discover how we discovered it and what we did about it to double our profits and double them again.

Imagine if you could double your profits without spending a cent on customer attraction marketing.


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So there you have it. You can grow a successful business without spending a cent on customer attraction marketing. And the best news is that the money that you might have wasted on some of your customer attraction marketing goes straight back on your bottom line.

And we all agree that a healthy bottom line is attractive.

By implementing a consistent system that delights your existing customers, you will soon have customers that don’t leave you and that are raving, loyal fans who encourage others to spend their money with you, thus providing you with a steady stream of new customers to delight.