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Sick of constantly hunting for new business?

Struggling to keep your sales funnel topped up?

Tired of poor networking results?

Want to grow your business without that awful Pitch that everyone gives?

Find new Customers when you Ditch the Pitch

You don’t have to be networking to benefit from Ditching the Pitch

You can master the skill of networking and use it in other situations:

  • In retail environments
  • At social events
  • At other business events
Learn the three secrets of getting the most out of any business conversation

Effective conversations lead business owners and salespeople to profitable and effective relationships that can add thousands of dollars to the bottom line of a business.

Today everyone is telling you that you need to know your elevator speech and your point of difference in business.
What they have forgotten to share is that most of the people that you talk to aren’t interested in it.

If you attend a networking opportunity there are usually too many sellers and NO BUYERS.

And unfortunately most people avoid networking because it leaves them either drained or overloaded or both.

Are you an introvert?

Do you feel drained by the extroverts in the room?

What about the extrovert?

Do you find that you have too many connections to follow up effectively or you just spend too much time talking and never walk away with any real leads?



Join Danielle Storey, the Million Dollar Relationships Expert to learn how to DITCH THE PITCH & STILL MAKE PLENTY OF VALUABLE CONNECTIONS THAT TRANSLATE INTO SALES.

At the same time you will be able to network with others who may be your cream client or who may know the perfect referral.

Danielle worked within one networking group and turned it into a $15,000 recurring income stream for 5 years.

Imagine what $15,000 per month could do for your business?

Do you want to learn some skills to be a GREAT networker?

“One of the most important aspects of constructive Networking, as with all relationships, is being ‘fully present’ with the other person. Danielle does this really well. I always feel like she is listening and interested in our conversation.” Julie Davey – A for Attitude Productions

Do you want to learn to DITCH the PITCH?

At Ditch the Pitch you will learn how to:

• Get clear on WHY want to connect with your clients
• Ditch the Pitch – what a relief! – and network with Successful Business Owners
• Turn being an introvert or an extrovert to your advantage
• Create a plan so that you know what to say – BEFORE you walk into an event
• Walk away with qualified leads for your business
PLUS : Receive Danielle’s piece of Ditch the Pitch piece of gold GIFT

This is not a regular networking event to replace your existing events. It is an education session where you can learn and practice some new skills to take back to your own events.


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