ZZ Customer Delight in 90 Days

What is Customer Delight?

Customer Delight is so much more
than simply offering good customer service.

Customer Service is picking up the phone with a smile in your voice, doing the things that you say you are going to do, turning up for appointments on time and making sure that your paperwork is always in order so that the customer is not inconvenienced.

David and I have been running a successful business for over 13 years in an industry where our competitors are all playing the price competition game, so naturally we knew early on that we needed to offer more than just the “best price in the industry”. We believed that customer service was going to make a difference. And it did, it just wasn’t enough.

Five years of offering great customer service didn’t get us as far as we wanted, because our competitors were smartening up and offering timely service, friendly online websites and still offering cheaper pricing than us.

We decided to create and implement a Customer Delight Philosophy and System in our business. This, we knew was something that our competitors couldn’t offer as they were too busy and too financially tight (with very small margins) to get it right. Not only did we focus on delighting our customers, but on delighting our staff, suppliers, each other and ourselves.

Today our business is the top 10 in the industry in the eyes of the customer, staff and suppliers. Financially we are free to live and love a fabulous lifestyle. This we attribute to Customer Delight.

Customer Delight is more than just the activities that deliver your product or service on time and on budget.

Customer Delight is more than "just" customer service...The very foundation of Customer Delight is the honest, healthy and giving relationship that a company builds with their customers, staff, suppliers and contractors to ensure that everyone wants to continue the relationship.

Mother Teresa said,

“Being unwanted, unloved, uncared for, forgotten by everybody,
I think that is a much greater hunger, a much greater poverty
than the person who has nothing to eat.”

In our western society, Customer Delight is rare. Think about the last time that you were truly delighted by a company. What did that feel like?  And more importantly, did the company delight you the second and third time that you used their service or bought their product? When did you feel wanted, loved and cared for by someone you bought a product or service from?

Whether in a personal relationship or a business relationship every person on the earth wants to be rewarded for their attention, praised for their decisions and acknowledged for their contribution.

If it makes you, the consumer feel great and become a loyal and raving fan, why don’t more companies focus on Customer Delight – on wanting, loving and caring for you – their customer?

Funnily enough, the reason most businesses don’t actively reward you for your attention has nothing to do with money. Mostly it has to do with a lack of time, and an ignorance of where to start.

The five main reasons you — the existing customer — gets ignored are:

  1. Leaders don’t focus on the right priorities Many leaders, business owners and managers are busy working in their businesses instead of on their businesses. They are using their physical energy inefficiently. Many don’t know who to or how to delegate to others so that they can find valuable time to become clear about their aims and the systems that are required to put them into process.
  2. Most businesses in our Western society are more focused on attracting new customers than looking after the ones they already have. Marketers and Advertisers make it easy to buy client attraction strategies that promise the world and rarely deliver it. It is acceptable today that a marketing activity may or may not produce results, regardless of the price to implement.
  3. Many businesses owners and leaders are frightened of “getting it wrong” and therefore don’t start a process until they can be assured of its success. Unfortunately, like having children there are no definitive rules for “getting it right.” A GET ON WITH IT and BRING IT ON attitude, mixed with a healthy dose of clarity and preparation will reap more results than endlessly waiting for the right moment to begin.  As my mentor, Paul McCarthy the great Australian Marketing Specialist says, “Fail Faster” to succeed quicker.
  4. There are no systems in place to ensure that the Customer Delight Activities happen each time, every time.
  5. Business leaders do not know their WHY. Whether Delighting a customer, rewarding a staff member, implementing a Delight System or any other decision do you know your WHY? Do you know your underlying reason for getting up every day and making the decisions and undertaking the activities that you do? If you do you are amongst a small group of people destined to achieve your aims and have success in all that you choose.

Successful owners of companies that have a Customer Delight culture know that:

  • Successful and profitable relationships with customers have the same foundations as relationships in our personal lives.  To be a success they need to be able to :
    • Listen
    • Clarify
    • Be Trustworthy and Trusting
    • Delegate
    • Delight
    • Say Sorry Properly, and
    • Give Unconditionally
  • The same principals of healthy relationships must be applied to Staff and Contractors, Suppliers and Partners in Business.
  • Clarity in knowing Financials (critical numbers) and Clarity in Customer, Client, Staff, Supplier and Partner expectations are essential understandings.
  • Having systems in place to ensure that Delight processes are followed consistently create successful results.

There is an ideal model that reflects a business that has Customer Delight as its focus and foundation. A similar model depicts a healthy relationship with self.

I have spent the past 25 years listening to myself and observing the way I impact others. Ten years ago I wasn’t fun to be around. My lifestyle, our businesses and financial situation reflected that. Fortunately I have pulled it all together to build a healthy foundation of Self Delight, ensuring that I am focused on the people around me with the right mix of love, understanding and grace. In this website are all of the tools that I used so that you do the same — hopefully quicker than I did! Working on me was the fast-track to growing a healthy business.

So many business owners, managers and leaders fail to realise their greatness and potential simply because of their fears.

Nelson Mandela said,

“I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it.
The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid,
but he who conquers that fear.”

So, as a business owner, what is your main fear?

Do you know your WHY?

Do you know your business and personal priorities?

Do you have systems in place so that the people you delegate to can help you grow a profitable, Customer Delight focused business that has raving and loyal fans so that you can live and love the life you choose?

I have detailed one of our Customer Delight strategies you can implement in your business in just 90 Days to help you to enhance the relationships you have with your existing customers. It is those customers that already know you and love you and it is those customers who are likely to become your raving fans and bring their friends and colleagues with them.

How do you reward, praise or acknowledge your customers? What systems do you have in place to make sure that they are acknowledged regularly and appropriately?

The Million Dollar Relationships Do-It-Yourself Customer Delight System will:

  • Show you how to find clarity of your WHY
  • Help you identify the customers you wish to delight
  • Help you identify your preferred timing of delight, whether it is a
    – Transactional Delight
    – Annual Delight, or a
    – Random Delight
  • Let you easily delegate to a staff member or contractor to drive it for you if you are too busy
  • Help you to easily identify the how much you can afford to spend on this marketing activity
  • Help create a repeatable SYSTEM so that you can consistently reward and delight the people around you

And it takes no more than 30 minutes a week over 12 weeks (and some weeks even less).

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that this is a referral or rewards program. IT IS NOT.  It consists of education and accountability processes that will help you create YOUR OWN WORKABLE SYSTEM that YOU CAN DESIGN AND IMPLEMENT.

Each MP3 audio is packed full of our Customer Delight tips and tools. The manual will help you to keep track of your research, your decisions, and your WHYs.

PLUS you get 3 months’ FREE access to the Million Dollar Relationships GOLD MEMBERS Vault. The GOLD MEMBERS Vault is chock full of business and self development tools and tips to help you feel like a Million Dollars every day.

How do you get it?

INVEST in our

Get the complete Do-It-Yourself Customer Delight System delivered to your office this week. Unpack 12 weeks of MP3 audios and an accompanying printed manual so that you can:

  • Get clarity on your WHYs
  • Get clarity on your Critical Numbers
  • Understand who you want to reward and acknowledge
  • Decide on a process that works for you and for your customers
  • Decide on the people who will help you procure and deliver your system.
  • Implement and deliver a system that will grow loyal customers and raving fans

FREE DELIVERY within 7 days to your office!


Samples of many of the Customer Delight items that we have used over the past 10 years. We love physical mail. It is one of the most effective forms of communicating with a customer outside of having a personal conversation.


ONLY $695
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JOIN A Customer Delight

Get personal HELP and mentoring from Danielle and implement this system one hour a week over 12 weeks in a webinar format. Working within a small motivated group you will uncover all of the necessary elements to help you implement a Customer Delight System of your own. You will be able to:

  • Stay accountable
  • Find clarity
  • Collectively brainstorm awesome ideas to delight your own customers

In just 12 weeks you will be able to:

  • Get clarity on your WHYs
  • Get clarity on your Critical Numbers
  • Understand who you want to reward and acknowledge
  • Decide on a process that works for you and for your customers
  • Decide on the people who will help you procure and deliver your system.
  • Implement and deliver a system that will grow loyal customers and raving fans

Includes a physical manual delivered to your door, samples of many of the Customer Delight items that we have used over the past 10 years.

Only $395 per month for three months
(or an upfront payment of $1100)

You will need to apply to be a member of a TOOLBOX webinar Group. Go here for the application and process to apply. And don’t worry, no two members of the same profession will be in the same group

 What do you think?

Are you ready to create a system in your business
that WILL GROW loyal customers and raving fans?

Do you need my 100% money back guarantee to help you decide? If you buy and implement this system*, if you actively participate* in the TOOLBOX group and you still cannot create an easy system to create Customer Delight I will refund your investment.

Don’t wait to start implementing the one system that will help you grow the relationships that will make you, your customers, suppliers and staff FEEL LIKE A MILLION DOLLARS every day!