What Most People Want (Survey Results)

car emotinal vehicle

For most of my adult life, I have been teaching the concept that happiness and sadness are emotions (e-motion or energies in motion) that move us from one state of being to another and that emotions move us and propel us forward in life. Science teaches us that things that don’t move stagnate, deteriorate and die. In contrast, things… [Read More]

The Battle for Relevance – Being the Bigger Person and Healing the World.

Staying Relevant

I read a heart-wrenching social media post today about a single mum who was battling for relevance. Her kids had been out for a weekend with the family their dad had created after divorce. She was eloquently lamenting her battle between playing the un-needed martyr and being ‘the bigger person’ who can celebrate the joy of new and fulfilling experiences… [Read More]

Collaboration and Vulnerability | A Match Made in Heaven

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Collaboration is more than just working together. It is healing via sharing. It is the courage to admit that we need someone else to begin or complete something. It is the shining of a light on our weaknesses and being vulnerable enough to allow someone else’s strength to support us. It is also the ever… [Read More]

NO Opens the Door to YES

Scared of rejection

It’s one of my favourite sayings: No Opens the Door to YES All week I have been talking with clients and connections, on and offline about that old chestnut, “I’m scared to follow up in case people think I’m a stalker”. I think what they’re really saying is, “I don’t like being rejected.” Think about it logically…. [Read More]