The Battle for Relevance – Being the Bigger Person and Healing the World.

Staying Relevant

I read a heart-wrenching social media post today about a single mum who was battling for relevance. Her kids had been out for a weekend with the family their dad had created after divorce. She was eloquently lamenting her battle between playing the un-needed martyr and being ‘the bigger person’ who can celebrate the joy of new and fulfilling experiences… [Read More]

A self-love lesson from our “funky” toilet

self love toilet

We have a funky toilet.  Let me explain up front, the word funky means different but cool or nice. In many parts of the world it means to have a bad smell. I guess that sometimes makes my toilet extra funky. Our funky toilet (when you start to say funky too many times in a… [Read More]

Looking like an IDIOT to be more successful


I have a confession to make. I will sometimes delay my successes by not asking for the right help. Sure I know how to Google like a pro to find answers. And I am quite ok at providing answers for other people’s problems. But I’m not so good at actually asking an expert for help…. [Read More]