Bali – They Make Customers Comfortable

Bali Customer Service

After a delightful dinner in Bali at a local restaurant we sat and chatted to the Aussie expat owner about being a manager in Bali. He told us that the best way to be successful with staff in Bali was to have simple, repeatable systems and be an attentive manager who is focussed on small… [Read More]

Don’t feel guilty – Balance doesn’t exist


I had the pleasure of being a part of an International Women’s Breakfast where the panelists were discussing work/life balance. I wonder, should it be life/work balance? Or is there really such a thing? One of the many things women celebrate about themselves is their ability to juggle their families, work and lifestyles but at the same… [Read More]

Ditched the resolution? It’s not too late.

New Year's Resoution Fail

How is your New Year’s resolution going? Has it failed you yet? That sounds really harsh doesn’t it? It’s just that I’m not a big fan of the New Year Resolution, it’s just so hard and fast with little room for being human. I prefer an annual theme. Themes are gentler, more forgiving, sustainable and… [Read More]

The voices of engaged Leaders and puppies

Train the Voice in your head to be a Leader

Are you engaged with what you are doing right now? Are you engaged with your business and the people around you? Are you engaged with yourself? When you read the word engaged, what comes to mind? For me, love comes to mind and how two people who get engaged are in love with each other. Leaders consciously… [Read More]