The Battle for Relevance – Being the Bigger Person and Healing the World.

Staying Relevant

I read a heart-wrenching social media post today about a single mum who was battling for relevance. Her kids had been out for a weekend with the family their dad had created after divorce. She was eloquently lamenting her battle between playing the un-needed martyr and being ‘the bigger person’ who can celebrate the joy of new and fulfilling experiences… [Read More]

Collaboration and Vulnerability | A Match Made in Heaven

puppies vulnerability collaborate

Collaboration is more than just working together. It is healing via sharing. It is the courage to admit that we need someone else to begin or complete something. It is the shining of a light on our weaknesses and being vulnerable enough to allow someone else’s strength to support us. It is also the ever… [Read More]

A self-love lesson from our “funky” toilet

self love toilet

We have a funky toilet.  Let me explain up front, the word funky means different but cool or nice. In many parts of the world it means to have a bad smell. I guess that sometimes makes my toilet extra funky. Our funky toilet (when you start to say funky too many times in a… [Read More]

Are you lazy? Does it hold you back or propel you forward?

Are you Lazy

Are you lazy? On the weekend I went to deliver some donation items to the Salvos in Ferntree Gully. It was 4pm and I was delighted that their donation roller-door was still up. Their warehouse was spotless but their response to me, their loyal customer, wasn’t. Unfortunately they refused to take my van full of great… [Read More]

From Bali – 3 Sure Fire Ways to Make Customers Happy

Balinese Customer Service

Having just spent a delightful week in Bali, I believe I’ve come up with the 3 top tips to creating happy customers. At least in Bali. Before I share them, here’s a couple of things about the Indonesian island holiday paradise that is Bali and you’ll know them if you’ve been there. Bali is hot… [Read More]