When it all goes wrong, do you know what you want?

Logical Brain

How often do things go wrong in your world? I mean little things; let’s not even go there for the really big things right now. I’m talking about things like bad customer service, or a product breaking or even a promise broken by a company you have been buying from. When something goes wrong how… [Read More]

See your website’s impact…

Thanks so much Yvonne Adele – This morning you introduced me to Wordle. So I plugged in my website (which has a blog) and saw which words I use the most in a word cloud. Wow. (I had to get the Java thingy happening first – but it was well worth it). What impact are… [Read More]

Energy Blocks

Melbourne Speaker, Danielle Story, teaches the importance of positive energy.

What are energy blocks? We are all affected by them; they can be ideas that we are stuck in, or attitudes that we cloak ourselves in. They can also be physical cells that stop us from feeling energetic and motivated. One school of thought is that energy blocks are simply energetic thoughts and physical cells… [Read More]