The Battle for Relevance – Being the Bigger Person and Healing the World.

Staying Relevant

I read a heart-wrenching social media post today about a single mum who was battling for relevance. Her kids had been out for a weekend with the family their dad had created after divorce. She was eloquently lamenting her battle between playing the un-needed martyr and being ‘the bigger person’ who can celebrate the joy of new and fulfilling experiences… [Read More]

You can’t be half pregnant!

Trust definition

“You can’t be half pregnant.” It’s a line my lovely husband uses when people indicate that they are not completely committed to something. He says, you either are or you aren’t. You can’t be half-way there. It’s the same with TRUST. During the week I was having trouble understanding why I didn’t trust myself enough to create a particular… [Read More]

Don’t feel guilty – Balance doesn’t exist


I had the pleasure of being a part of an International Women’s Breakfast where the panelists were discussing work/life balance. I wonder, should it be life/work balance? Or is there really such a thing? One of the many things women celebrate about themselves is their ability to juggle their families, work and lifestyles but at the same… [Read More]

Getting Results & Ditching Patience

Get Results with Action

What result are you aiming for right now? More money in the bank? More sales in the pipeline? More holidays? More staff? A better (or new) relationship? I follow Debra Templar on social media and came across her insightful post Movement Creates Opportunity which echoed what I was saying to a lovely client today. We… [Read More]