Are you lazy? Does it hold you back or propel you forward?

Are you Lazy

Are you lazy? On the weekend I went to deliver some donation items to the Salvos in Ferntree Gully. It was 4pm and I was delighted that their donation roller-door was still up. Their warehouse was spotless but their response to me, their loyal customer, wasn’t. Unfortunately they refused to take my van full of great… [Read More]

From Bali – 3 Sure Fire Ways to Make Customers Happy

Balinese Customer Service

Having just spent a delightful week in Bali, I believe I’ve come up with the 3 top tips to creating happy customers. At least in Bali. Before I share them, here’s a couple of things about the Indonesian island holiday paradise that is Bali and you’ll know them if you’ve been there. Bali is hot… [Read More]

Bali – They Make Customers Comfortable

Bali Customer Service

After a delightful dinner in Bali at a local restaurant we sat and chatted to the Aussie expat owner about being a manager in Bali. He told us that the best way to be successful with staff in Bali was to have simple, repeatable systems and be an attentive manager who is focussed on small… [Read More]

That was Uncomfortable! A Balinese Lesson in Customer Service

Bali taxi customer service

We love travelling. New experiences expand our minds and grow our hearts with understanding and tolerance. It also teaches us more about good customer service. It makes us feel comfortable and for many people, feeling comfortable when they travel is a good thing. Not like the taxi driver we experienced on one Bali journey from… [Read More]

Necessity, the Mother of Gin, whilst waiting for Whisky

McHenry Whisky

Has your business reached your dream goal? Or is it still a bit “whisky” business for you as you juggle cash flow, time and resources? It has been said for centuries, that necessity is the mother of invention. Never is that more true than in the the fledgling whisky industry of Tasmania where whisky takes time… [Read More]