Waterfalls, Laughter & Awesome P&O Cruises Customer Delight (and you really do catch more flies with honey than vinegar)

Best Customer Service

How do you manage under pressure when travelling? Are you a laid back traveller or do you tend to stress out when something goes wrong? We took a group of mentoring clients on a fabulous cruise this week. For four nights and three days the group explored business and personal balance, networking and how to… [Read More]

Service is Dead

Customer Service RIP

If you think you are going to get rich in the service industry you’d better get your skates on as it’s dying a fast death. Customers (you might call them clients, consumers, patients or something else entirely) no longer have to choose your service. Thanks to global connectivity (or, in other words, the internet and telemarketers)… [Read More]

That OLD marketer’s question…

old marketer question who is our target customer

It’s been trendy over the past 20 years to ask that old marketing chestnut: Who is our target market? Of course, knowing their demographic – who they are and where they hang out – is a necessary step to finding new customers but in most businesses it’s not the acquisition of a new customer that creates true profit. And… [Read More]

People Who Serve Exceptionally Well Do These Five Things

Good Service 5 things

Delivering great customer service is definitely an art. Some people do it well and others, well, suffice to say they could do with a few pointers. The truth is that everyone serves someone. Sometimes that someone is the end customer and other times that someone is serving the person that serves the customer. In other… [Read More]