Hero Marketing vs Pain Marketing – Marketing is Changing.

Hero marketing

We’ve always been taught that humans respond to pleasure and to pain and that many people will go to extraordinary lengths to avoid pain. Traditional marketers know this and they know how to create the messages to make life less painful for their target markets. Buy this to instantly remove germs Eat this to melt… [Read More]

Newsflash: Business, Work, Colleagues, Family, Friends – It’s ALL About Relationships

All about relationships

Riddle me this…? Why do you work? If money is your top answer I’ll invite you to answer another question. If you had all the money you ever desired in your bank account, but no-one to spend it with, how would you feel? Money is just a tool; a means of exchange. Money, simply, buys things for us. Now consider… If… [Read More]

Waterfalls, Laughter & Awesome P&O Cruises Customer Delight (and you really do catch more flies with honey than vinegar)

Best Customer Service

How do you manage under pressure when travelling? Are you a laid back traveller or do you tend to stress out when something goes wrong? We took a group of mentoring clients on a fabulous cruise this week. For four nights and three days the group explored business and personal balance, networking and how to… [Read More]