That OLD marketer’s question…

old marketer question who is our target customer

It’s been trendy over the past 20 years to ask that old marketing chestnut: Who is our target market? Of course, knowing their demographic – who they are and where they hang out – is a necessary step to finding new customers but in most businesses it’s not the acquisition of a new customer that creates true profit. And… [Read More]

Collaboration and Vulnerability | A Match Made in Heaven

puppies vulnerability collaborate

Collaboration is more than just working together. It is healing via sharing. It is the courage to admit that we need someone else to begin or complete something. It is the shining of a light on our weaknesses and being vulnerable enough to allow someone else’s strength to support us. It is also the ever… [Read More]

Do You Believe in Yourself?

Self Belief leads to success

Sitting at the Business Excellence Awards in Manningham this morning I heard over and over again something very important. Most people don’t believe in themselves naturally. But when they do believe, the results are astounding. The panel, made up of past years’ awards winners and led by Stefan Kazakis (one of my favourite coaches) shared how the awards transformed their… [Read More]

NO Opens the Door to YES

Scared of rejection

It’s one of my favourite sayings: No Opens the Door to YES All week I have been talking with clients and connections, on and offline about that old chestnut, “I’m scared to follow up in case people think I’m a stalker”. I think what they’re really saying is, “I don’t like being rejected.” Think about it logically…. [Read More]