Looking like an IDIOT to be more successful


I have a confession to make. I will sometimes delay my successes by not asking for the right help. Sure I know how to Google like a pro to find answers. And I am quite ok at providing answers for other people’s problems. But I’m not so good at actually asking an expert for help…. [Read More]

Getting Results & Ditching Patience

Get Results with Action

What result are you aiming for right now? More money in the bank? More sales in the pipeline? More holidays? More staff? A better (or new) relationship? I follow Debra Templar on social media and came across her insightful post Movement Creates Opportunity which echoed what I was saying to a lovely client today. We… [Read More]

When it all goes wrong, do you know what you want?

Logical Brain

How often do things go wrong in your world? I mean little things; let’s not even go there for the really big things right now. I’m talking about things like bad customer service, or a product breaking or even a promise broken by a company you have been buying from. When something goes wrong how… [Read More]