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What are Million Dollar Relationships with Customers?

Whether you have a desire to own a Million Dollar Business, or you simply want a business that makes you and your customers feel like a Million Dollars, it all comes down to relationships – with customers, partners, staff and yourself.

  • Are you clear about why you are in business?
  • Are you confident at collecting money owed to you?
  • Are you comfortable networking to meet new clients?
  • Do you have the confidence to ask the customer for the sale, or for the next meeting that will result in a sale?
  • Are you comfortable with rejection?
  • Can you pick up the phone and ask for a meeting to present your product or service?
  • Can you say no to a customer?
  • Do you reward your loyal customers regularly?

Successful business owners know that the relationships that they have with their customers are a direct reflection of the relationships that we have with themselves and that clarity and a clear plan for building wonderful customer relationships is a necessity to create a profitable business.

What is a Million Dollar Relationship with Self?

Danielle Storey teaches outstanding customer service skills!

Some days we jump out of bed feeling like a Million Dollars. And other days, well, it’s too darn hard. And, added to that, a Million Dollars just isn’t what it used to be!

Danielle Storey knows that feeling good about herself is more than just having a positive attitude. And loving self? It’s a big airy-fairy concept that makes it really hard to understand, let alone to practice.

She lives and shares the practices that she has used to transform herself from a perceived failure to someone who is comfortable in her skin.

Danielle calls them her B.A.s. Just like an Arts Degree, they form practical and do-able foundations for living.

Be Attentive ~ The perfection spectrum and why constant happiness is not possible

– Having clarity in the present moment
– Listening to self
– Listen to others – learn key networking skills

Be Adventurous ~ Do-able self-love concepts and practices

– Do the things that will take you to the next step
– Have courage to think differently

Be Authentic ~ Know your why

– Do you know Why you get up everyday?
– Get clarity on you, your relationships both personally and in business

Be Accountable ~ Find consistency that works for you

       – Get coached – Find a mentor – Grow and be Consisten

If you want to jump out of bed feeling like a Million Dollars, spend some time with Danielle exploring some of her practical and do-able thoughts and tools.


Who is Danielle Storey?The Cartridge Family

Danielle is the Million Dollar Relationships with Customers specialist.

As co-owner and Sales and Marketing Director of the international success story The Cartridge Family, Danielle has created systems in customer delight and loyalty in an industry that is strongly price-driven.

The success of those systems (regardless of what the competition is doing) has resulted in The Cartridge Family’s ranking in the top 30 resellers for the three of the top OEM brands in Australia, and created loyal customers and raving fans.

“Ohh Danielle you did not have to do this!!!
How lovely, I felt very special opening
my birthday pressie :)
Great customer service!”
Lauren, Motto Fashions

— – — – —

“Thank for the excellent service I received from you.
I would recommend your company to anyone
for the high standard I received.”
Robert, TAB Deer Park

Danielle’s previous experience includes sales and marketing for major consumer brands and high level consumer sales, direct selling for a number of brands as well as working with children with special needs.

One of her greatest achievements was overcoming her own low self-esteem and her high level distraction tendencies.

As a professional speaker, Danielle shares strategies and insights that create customer loyalty and delight. Her presentations are inspiring and contain practical and illuminating self development tips as well as a healthy sprinkling of healthy self-honesty. Danielle walks her talk.

“Danielle is an exceptional speaker with the
ability to impact her audience in a very positive way.
To me, the judge of a good speaker is what Actions they inspire
from their audience and I’ve successfully implemented more
of Danielle’s ideas than any other speaker I’ve listened too.”

Michael Doyle. Territory Leader Breyk-throo Wagga Wagga

— – — – —

“…sometimes the greatest battle is our own battle…
it’s the conversation that goes on in our head…
Danielle is walking proof that when you put your energy
and attitude towards the ‘things’ that you can control…
and yes even those that you wish were not on your plate to control…
what transpires is an amazing sequence of events which generally
provide great results… this is the walk that Danielle has walked and
her story should be heard by every abiding woman & man in business!
I have no doubt in saying… this is a Great Australian story in the making…”

Stefan Kazakis. Profit Explosion Coach

In formal mentoring groups she assists business owners to create delight systems and holds business owners and other staff accountable for the implementation and reporting of those systems.

To book Danielle, or contact her for more information,
please call 0408 372 431 or 1300 186 637
or click here to send an email.