Customer Service is now the bare basic. Customers are crying out for that indefinable little bit more. 

It is that little bit more that businesses and leaders need to identify and consistently put into action to engage with to keep their customers coming back for more.

Danielle Storey is the co-owner of an award-winning international multi-million dollar family-run business, The Cartridge Family.

She is also a professional speaker in business/marketing, sales/customer service and employee engagement. She is an experienced and skilled mentor as well as being a specialist in exhibiting and sponsorship management.

A talented communicator, with proven management experience in the private business sector, she has a humorous and heart-warming personal story on which to base her ‘Million Dollar Relationships’ addresses.   These sought-after strategies deliver easy-to-implement ideas which deliver genuine results.They form the basis of systems which create ‘Customer Delight’ – service with a “little bit extra”.

In her presentations, Danielle, shares keys to the creation of a ‘million-dollar feeling’, work/life balance and success in the challenges of running a family business. She mentors by providing guidance and support with practical strategies and achievable target setting.

She has strengthened businesses in multiple arenas including:

  • Wholesale trade
  • Direct consulting
  • Selling on the web
  • Education
  • Retail
  • Mentoring
  • Professional speaking.

Danielle creates bespoke keynote, meeting and workshop presentations based on talk topics including…

  •  Continual customer delight…

Create a ‘wow’ factor and consistently provide it

  • Achieve more by doing less

The power of systems and the art of delegation

  • Get them to do it…

Design processes that ensure staff and clients enjoy their collaboration

  • What is “A little bit more”?

Easy to implement ideas on how to retain exceptional client satisfaction

Presentations can focus on internal staff or external customers, a blend of both or separate entities.

She shares powerful models with practical examples that ensure consistent success.