Hero Marketing vs Pain Marketing – Marketing is Changing.

We’ve always been taught that humans respond to pleasure and to pain and that many people will go to extraordinary lengths to avoid pain.

Traditional marketers know this and they know how to create the messages to make life less painful for their target markets.

  • Buy this to instantly remove germs
  • Eat this to melt away fat
  • Subscribe to this to learn the steps to avoid the mistakes

These types of messages are part of a strategy called pain marketing and have, in the past, worked well to make consumers buy.

Pain marketing: Touching your customer’s pain and telling them how you will relieve it or solve it.

It’s a strategy that definitely works, but one that I have always been uncomfortable with; I think the world has enough pain. Internet trolls, people who discriminate, people who cause harm and pain are being discouraged at every turn.

A progressive and functional society is one that encourages that sharing to be positive and inclusive, encourages people to be their best, not their worst, not pain-filled and dysfunctional. Marketers and brands of a progressive society use hero marketing strategies to encourage people to be the best they can.

Hero marketing is the technique where a brand, product or service helps the consumer thrive. It gives them the opportunity to share good stories about themselves and talk about the way a brand makes them feel. Hero marketing uses the techniques of:

  • Positive imagery that people can imagine themselves in,
  • Collaboration that engages everyone,
  • Ideas and initiatives that make the world a better place,
  • Cross promotion of like brands, and
  • Elements that make people feel good.

Car brands often great at hero marketing. They invite their customers to look and feel great in their vehicles. Brands that are featured on Instagram and Pinterest are often using hero marketing techniques too. They invite their consumers to experience the beauty or successful result for themselves.

Hero marketing makes people feel capable and helps them to achieve goals.

Speaker and leadership expert Ryan Gomez shares that, with the growth of the internet and its social networks, word of mouth is 6 times more powerful than it ever was. Humans are connecting, telling their stories and sharing their journeys with each other more than ever before. Brands that use hero marketing add to a progressive society and share in the successes of their communities. They get shared and applauded too.

Next time you build a campaign, write some content or craft a headline, ask yourself if you are pain marketing or hero marketing? Are you contributing to a progressive society or not? The choice will definitely make a difference.

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