Pushing for PR? You might be doing it wrong.

Sometimes you know you have to be there because the learning is gold.

I got up before the sparrows to fly to Sydney to attend #meetthemedia with Media Stable yesterday. I wasn’t really clear why I wanted to be there as I am in transition right now – I just knew I needed to.

And I’m glad I went, I got so much more than I expected.

I expected to get clarity of the messages the media look for and got it.

I expected to network with other cool experts and wasn’t disappointed.

What I got, that was gold, was a reminder that journalists are humans that want to build relationships too.

I know, simple right? But many of us forget that. So often we think of media as a place to pitch to,  a medium for us to spruik our stuff. Today, everyone wants to be an expert and sell the world their stuff. I imagine that journalists must be an expert at hiding the “glazed look” – you know, that one where they know they are being sold to  and would rather not hear it.

It’s no wonder they prefer information via email – they can hit delete and not have to hide the grimace.

If you want a glimpse of the gold we uncovered yesterday, search #meetthemedia on Twitter.

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