Newsflash: Business, Work, Colleagues, Family, Friends – It’s ALL About Relationships

Riddle me this…? Why do you work?

If money is your top answer I’ll invite you to answer another question.

If you had all the money you ever desired in your bank account, but no-one to spend it with, how would you feel?

Money is just a tool; a means of exchange. Money, simply, buys things for us.

Now consider… If you had all the stuff that you’ve ever wanted, but no-one to share it with, how would you feel?

Truly, it’s not the things that money buys that makes us happy.

It’s what we do with the people
we love and like that makes us happy.

Now don’t get me wrong – money is important – if you’ve ever had money problems, you’ll agree with me that it absolutely impacts everything. But it’s not as important as our relationships , and this including the relationship that we have with ourselves.

Every day we get out of bed to build better relationships – with our families, our friends and our clients. Every day is an opportunity to get busy with the people we like.

After all, people do business (and busy-ness) with people they like.

And people like people who make them feel good. People like people who solve their problems. People like people who listen and pay attention to them.
And, you know, that person that people like? That’s you.

You are the person that builds the relationships in your world. Every day, every moment that you are awake (and for some people even when they sleep). And you can choose to make them passively, almost by accident, or you can make them thrive and make your life – and theirs – a great place to be.

So how you can make your relationships thrive? One sure fire way is to get busy nurturing your relationships.

Draw up a list of:

  • the people who make you feel fabulous
  • the people you love to lift up
  • the people you know will have an answer to the top two problems you face right now
  • the people you have absolute confidence in referring to, and
  • the people you’d like to meet in the next 90 days.


  • Connect with them in the next 90 days to say hi and simply to thank them for being a part of your world.

You might like to connect in person, over the phone, on your favorite SoMe platform (I do recommend connecting on LinkedIn), by mail or any way that helps you say hi.

Remember, every morning, that it is your relationships that will determine how you feel that day.

If you got up every day feeling primed to build great relationships, how would you feel?

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