The Sharing Economy comes to Customer Service

I love a podcast that expands my mind – one that makes me feel as if I am discovering something completely new to me – and I particularly get excited when it falls into my categories of passion – customer engagement, innovation, tech and futurism.

Phil McKinney, on his Killer Innovations podcast recently interviewed serial entrepreneur, Antony Bryden on a killer innovation in customer service and it made my mind expand.

In the recording, Antony explained that customer service has stagnated for at least the past 40 years and I heartily agree with him.

So he created directly, an app that connects brands with true experts – users who are fans of the product or brand and who know their stuff.

Imagine this:

You are having a problem with a product and you need help. You go to Mr Google, or to Twitter or you even make a phone call to get some advice but you have to trawl through tons of irrelevant information or speak to someone who really hasn’t come across your problem before.

Imagine now that you could ask a real (and live) expert… A person who is using the same product as you and who can say, “Yes, I’ve had that problem and this is how I solved it.”

Well you can.

Using directly you can be connected to an expert in the field – someone who is proudly a customer and advocate of the brand and product you are inquiring about – and they can give you the help you need in as little as 4 minutes after you asked it. The expert gets paid for their expertise and the brand can get back to doing what they do best – engaging more raving fans with great products and service.

Imagine the possibilities…

You can find  the podcast here

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