Do you Obsess?

Do you Obsess?Do you obsess?

Those closest to me know that I obsess a bit. Not as much these days but sometimes I do.

How do you handle it? I really mean that question. Can you tell me?

Sometimes I write blog posts because something tickles or inspires me. And other times I write blog posts because I have a flash of inspiration that I think could do with sharing.

But today I am asking for your wisdom.

I do have a couple of tactics. I take really long showers. And I talk sternly to my mind and tell it to stop – both in and out of the shower – but my internal “being a better person” battles with my “drama queen”. I know the benefits of letting stuff go and I do know that my obsessing is not going help me or anyone else around me but I find myself imagining all the drama I could create.


Because I truly believe that the collective wisdom of our tribes helps us all I am asking you. Do you obsess? And what do you do about it?

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