Collaboration and Vulnerability | A Match Made in Heaven

puppies vulnerability collaborateCollaboration is more than just working together.

It is healing via sharing. It is the courage to admit that we need someone else to begin or complete something. It is the shining of a light on our weaknesses and being vulnerable enough to allow someone else’s strength to support us. It is also the ever patient knowing that it will come our turn to be the supporter soon too.

It is about not always being right or strong but an ever flowing dance between those noble qualities and the gentler allowances of grace, giving and forgiving. It is practical AND divine.

The more willing we are to be vulnerable and accepting of our weaknesses, the more we help others to stand and learn their strengths.

Yes it is love. But it is also life – that real and practical life that we live, here on this Earth. It is the key to success for we are all collaborators in all that we do.

Vulnerability isn’t something that we work ON to eliminate. Vulnerability is something that we work WITH, a powerful expression and a tool for growth. Used well, vulnerability offers us a glimpse into the thoughts and patterns that we cling to as habits.

Collaboration offers us the support to see what holds us back from truly accepting and loving ourselves. In its simplest form collaboration is the art of asking for help.

It is the merging of needs to answers and wants to deliverables.

It is the finding of a partner, a coach, a mentor, a business connection, a mastermind, a support person, a doctor or a healer.

It is the conscious decision to move forward and no longer think we can do it all alone. It is the courage to experience what it won’t be perfect. It’s the acceptance that we truly, quite possibly might fail.

And yet it’s the ever present chance to bridge the gap between where we are and where we want to be.

Step into the gap, my friends.

With Courage
With Love


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