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Have you ever had a coach? Can you unequivocally say it worked for you?

If not, do you really know why?

I have been talking to a few people over the past couple of weeks about their coaches and uniformly I have been hearing sad tales of high hopes and low results.

Should they blame the coach?

I don’t think so. I think many of us have forgotten who is in charge. Coaches and mentors certainly aren’t. Their clients are. I mean, sure they’ve got some expertise and wisdom and hopefully some tools that can make a difference, but ultimately the client is the one that is in control of their results – both in business and in life.

I have a kick-ass coach and here are some of the things that I do to drive the success of my sessions, my life and my businesses:

  • I have a notebook in which I write everything we talk about.
  • My notebook has a batch of blank sticky-notes in the back so I can easily mark my homework or action items.
  • I carry the notebook everywhere to remind me through the week of what I have chosen to do.
  • I DO what I say I am going to DO (and generally I do it straight after my weekly session to make sure I get maximum time for maximum results).
  • I pay a premium for my sessions to remind me of our worth – both hers and mine.
  • I record a Vlog (a video on my phone) twice in the midst of the week to update, share aha moments, celebrate or question my thoughts, feelings and actions. I upload it to YouTube and send the link to my coach so we don’t have to cover old ground in our sessions.
  • I talk openly to others in my sphere and ask them how they handle some of the things I am working on to get opinions and ideas from other viewpoints.

And so much more. People ask me what I do at Million Dollar Relationships. I am something new. I am a bit of coach, a bit of mentor and a bit of problem solver. But I can only help people make as much change as they want to create themselves. In truth, I am simply a mirror, a voice and a toolbox that reflects my clients’ desires and efforts. I am committed 100% to their success, just as I am committed 100% to my own.

Are you to yours?

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