Do You Believe in Yourself?

Self Belief leads to successSitting at the Business Excellence Awards in Manningham this morning I heard over and over again something very important.

Most people don’t believe in themselves naturally.
But when they do believe, the results are astounding.

The panel, made up of past years’ awards winners and led by Stefan Kazakis (one of my favourite coaches) shared how the awards transformed their own belief in what they were creating and as a result transformed their businesses and relationships with their clients.

Do you believe in yourself and what you are trying to create for the future? Here are 4 things the panel said that you can do to build a better self-belief:

  1. Enter Awards. Deirdre Diamante from MIA Consulting said the process of entering awards results in a sense of achievement and and a renewed enthusiasm. It also resulted in a huge team morale boost when they articulated how wonderful their business really is.
  2. Study Something New. Studying other people and philosophies brings a sense of confidence and a foundation of knowledge that can be demonstrated to customers and team alike. Greg Collins from Computer Age Systems said that studying new disciplines opened new opportunities for his business.
  3. Get a New Perspective and Write it Down. Tristen Wise from H2Pro, last year’s overall winner of the Awards said that getting the perspective of other people around them showed them that they were doing better than they originally thought. Taking the time to write down what other people saw about them was powerful and moved  their perception from simple hearsay to social proof.
  4. Be a Legend in your Lunch-Box and Let People Know. All too often people are reluctant to shout out their accomplishments to the world and this can result in staying the world’s best kept secret. Jenny Jackson from Manningham Community Health Services stressed that it’s important to let people know what we are good at to create successful ventures.

Self belief is something that comes from within. A lack of it has visible and measurable effect on outcomes. Earlier this month I blogged on the benefits of taking action to create behavioural change. The same process can definitely apply here. Taking just one of the actions recommended will lead to a boost to self-belief, which in turn leads to better results. Taking all four just might create something astounding.

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