A self-love lesson from our “funky” toilet

We have a funky toilet.  Let me explain up front, the word funky means different but cool or nice. In many parts of the world it means to have a bad smell. I guess that sometimes makes my toilet extra funky.

Our funky toilet (when you start to say funky too many times in a row it starts to sound weird doesn’t it?) has a basin attached, above the cistern. It has a tap that runs from the fresh water, into the bowl so we can wash our hands. The soapy water then runs into the cistern ready to be flushed away with the next flush.toilet and self love

The great thing about our toilet is that we don’t have to enter the separate bathroom to wash our hands.

One of my best galfriends used the toilet the other day and mentioned that our perfect toilet room could do with the addition of a mirror on the wall so that we could touch up our make-up. I realised that, for women at least, attending to our toilet needs often coincided with attending to our grooming. It occurred to me that I didn’t do that.

Thinking on it this morning I realised that I rarely look at myself in the mirror. If I am putting on “my face” in the morning I am looking for flaws in the application and if I am assessing an outfit I am looking for lumps and bumps that others might see and judge me by.

I like to think of myself as an expert in self-love. I practice it, (and practice it and practice it. I will excel at it ONE day) and I teach it. I learned early on that loving self is a practical process.

I teach that to love oneself we must:

1. Know what we do and don’t like
2. Know our boundaries and how to say no
3. Know when we are on track, or off track being distracted.

I guess I need to add another must-do to that list.

To love myself I need to regularly stand in front of the mirror and really look at myself,
give a wink and a smile of approval for me, just the way I am.

Do you look at yourself in the mirror? Or do you avoid it?

I’m going to practice this new step of self-love. Want to try it with me?

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