Retailers, want more money through the till?

I went shopping last week to buy a pair of slacks and was horrified by the lack of retail service I received. I mean real service – the kind that means someone really DOES want to help me, not just spout that line, “Can I help you?”

I’m really fussy about my slacks. What that means is that I went into every store in the centre and tried on about 50 pairs of slacks. That’s a lot of slacks. In fact, that’s a lot of stores. I entered 20 stores and I only received great service in three. And one of those lost interest after the fifth pair weren’t right. Throughout the day I encountered staff who:

  • Were busy chatting about something with a fellow staff member without even looking up;
  • Were no-where to be seen;
  • Were rushed off their feet and too busy to look up;
  • Were unenthusiastic and so much more.

Where has good customer service gone in retail? Is it just me, or are you finding the same problem?

I finally went back to one of the two stores I got amazing attention and service from. I asked them if I could try on some more styles and they found me the perfect pair. Here’s what I loved about them:

  • They greeted me with a smile and a hullo as I walked in (and the store was busy on both occasions);
  • They had one staff member working on the change room, never venturing far away and others on the floor and counter;
  • They wanted to know WHY I wanted my slacks and WHY they had to be perfect (ever seen a professional speaker on stage and been faced with a pair of slacks a little tight?);
  • They were focussed on me;
  • They were honest about how the garments looked on me;
  • They knew their stuff – they talked materials and shapes that were ideal for me;
  • They invited me to come back next week, after experiencing them as perfect, to buy another pair.

I did go back. I bought two more pair.

If you are a retailer and want more money through the till, here are my three top Customer Delight tips:

  1. Have your staff leave their “stuff” at the door. Have them totally focussed on the customers walking through the door and wanting to hear their story.
  2. Have the right people in the right places at the right time. Splitting responsibilities makes sense and allows the customer to feel like they’re being served by an expert at each stage of the transaction.
  3. Have your staff ask their customers to come back.

Are you a consumer? Do you have anything you would like to add?

Customers want to be Delighted. They want more than just the basic service and they will reward the companies that get it right with repeat purchases, trust and referrals.

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