Not sure how to meditate? | Try a gratitude breakfast

cerealMany people tell me that they’re not sure how to meditate every day. Their brains get distracted, or their morning sleep-in gets in the way. The days slip by in busyness and then they forget altogether.

Meditation doesn’t always mean sitting cross-legged, on a mountain, chanting words to attain inner peace. At its simplest, meditation is focus and focus practiced regularly creates astounding results.

If you have trouble meditating try this simple practice at breakfast-time. As you make your breakfast consider each food and liquid and where they came from. Set your space at the table with deliberation, with the intention of feeling grateful for the food you are about to eat.

With each mouthful consider who helped it get to your table and offer thanks for their work. Consider and thank also:

  • the farmer who planted it, and their staff
  • the animals that were part of the process
  • the person that prayed for rain so that the crops would grow
  • the transporter of the raw materials
  • the manufacturer who formed it into the shape for your plate
  • the person who designed the recipe
  • the people who saw it on the process line
  • the people who stacked it on your shelf

And there may be more. A simple thanks makes the world of difference to our hearts and to the world around us.

Practiced regularly the food that you eat for breakfast becomes even more healthy for you.


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