Bali – They Make Customers Comfortable

AfterBali Customer Service a delightful dinner in Bali at a local restaurant we sat and chatted to the Aussie expat owner about being a manager in Bali. He told us that the best way to be successful with staff in Bali was to have simple, repeatable systems and be an attentive manager who is focussed on small improvements. In his experience, employees are comfortable with repetition and customers are comforted by experiences that are reliable and repeated.

The same can be applied anywhere in the world. Most consumers expect to be comfortable as part of their buying experience. They like getting what they expect, when they expect it. And most employees like to be comfortable at work doing repeatable duties that create predictable outcomes – a happy boss, a happy customer and a reliable wage at the end of the week or month.

So who’s responsible for making this customer comfort cycle work?

Luckily it’s not a chicken vs egg problem. Making employees and, as a result, customers comfortable is the clear domain of the managers and leaders that make the rules, regardless of the skill level of the people they manage

Great leaders design simple processes that are comfortable for staff to follow and repeat. They obviously reward consistency – and they do so consistently as well. And they regularly allocate the resources (attention, time, energy and money) to review and implement the small changes that move a business ever forward.

Repeatable and consistent service creates comfortable customers – a firm foundation for a successful business, regardless of where it is in the world. And the leaders in Bali? They must have the process right for we experienced nothing but comfort the entire time we where there.

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