Are you lazy? Does it hold you back or propel you forward?

Are you lazy? Are you Lazy

On the weekend I went to deliver some donation items to the Salvos in Ferntree Gully. It was 4pm and I was delighted that their donation roller-door was still up. Their warehouse was spotless but their response to me, their loyal customer, wasn’t. Unfortunately they refused to take my van full of great items. I think they were being lazy. It was nearly home time and they didn’t want to bother dealing with it.

It got me thinking about laziness. See, I am a lazy person – or to put it another way – I am great at being lazy. Until it begins to affect my relationships. In business I am the lazy person that always finds the best and quickest way to get things done – without missing a deadline or slipping into doing a shoddy job of course. I am great at self-care and I know my boundaries and how to say no.

I was surprised how angry I was when the store refused to take my goods. As a 15 year customer I expected better service. Fortunately, I drove to the Rowville Salvos store where the lovely Steve gratefully accepted my load. He deserves an award for customer service; I really hope he gets one. He’ll certainly get my custom from now on.

Are you a lazy person? Does it affect your performance or does it enhance your ability to get things done? And do you know the markers that signal when laziness is becoming unhealthy for you? For some people those markers are internal, perhaps a feeling of guilt and for others it’s indications of dissatisfaction emanating from the people around them. Laziness at its unhealthiest causes incongruence in relationships – with self and with others. If you can shift from lazy to industrious when you sense those markers you will likely find a happy balance and be able to celebrate being lazy. You’ll be able to celebrate that you know how to look after yourself.

I’d love to hear your take on “lazy”. Are you lazy? What are your markers to find that moving balance?

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