Let’s get real! On step-parenting. I AM a real parent.

Many of you know me as a proud step parent, parent, step sister, and step daughter. I got pretty angry with this week’s silly debate on whether or not step parents are real parents.

I choose to be a step parent. I chose my step-kids and they are awesome kids, all three of them. So is our tweenie child. Like all parents, some days I am good at it and some days I suck at it – that has nothing to do with the genetics of my children.

Imagine telling a step parent that they don’t understand parenting because they weren’t there at the child’s birth. That’s like telling a business owner they know nothing about business if they didn’t start it from scratch. Or telling a politician they know nothing about politics because they didn’t enter until they were 40.  (Note here that the judgemental politician who was party to this discussion entered politics at the age of 40.)

Judgement of parenting validity due to genetics belongs in the dark ages. Parents, real parents, love children as they deserve to be loved and they deserve the honour of being acknowledged as a real parent. After all they choose to be parents and they willingly guide, provide boundaries, mentor and engage with children. Genetics are irrelevant.

I’d love to know how you feel.

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