I’ve decided on my annual theme…

It’s now mid January and I have spent the last 6 weeks thinking about my annual theme. Before I tell you what it is I want to share a question from one of my gorgeous mentoring clients. She asked me whether my annual theme was active or passive and could I explain how it worked.

It’s neither passive nor active but more pervasive. Throughout the year I might find myself thinking about it sometimes as I am going through something, or well afterwards when I can finally see the “why” of an event. Some weeks I forget about it entirely and that is ok too. As you may already know last year’s theme was vulnerability. I thought I was going to learn how to be ok with being a big softy. I did learn a bit about that but what I really learned was to allow other people to take care of things when I couldn’t or didn’t want to. I learned not to be ashamed of what I perceived as failures and I learned how to actively look for the silver lining and live it, not just speak it.

This year I was determined to choose a more powerful theme (although I believe there is not much more powerful than being ok with vulnerable, the other end of the spectrum). I considered positivity, power, grace (for a re-run as that didn’t go so well a few years back) and heart but none of them really connected.

I was on holiday a week or so back, putting on my new million dollar bathers (many of you will know about them) and I felt fantastic. Now, if you are a gal reading this, you might know this is not the norm when trying on bathers. Guys, I know, we overthink a few things and bathers are one of them.

Now the bathers are great, I paid a lot for them, but really, they are just black, 2 piece bathers, so it wasn’t really the bathers. It was inside of my head.

I felt confident. And I loved that feeling.

So that is my theme for 2015. No, not to wear bathers every day – goodness, imagine that in winter although I guess I could layer.


To understand confidence. To have confidence in the face of my self-beliefs and fears and to be able to choose confidence first more often.

So now you know my theme and I guess I will know more about it as the year goes on. Have you chosen your theme yet? Don’t stress if not, you’ve got heaps of time to find that word or concept that connects with you.

Bring on 2015 – my year of confidence – your year of __________?Bathers and Confidence

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