The voices of engaged Leaders and puppies

ATrain the Voice in your head to be a Leaderre you engaged with what you are doing right now? Are you engaged with your business and the people around you? Are you engaged with yourself?

When you read the word engaged, what comes to mind? For me, love comes to mind and how two people who get engaged are in love with each other.

Leaders consciously know how to be in love with the circumstances they find and put themselves in. They have a voice inside them that reminds them of the silver linings in the difficult moments and a voice that reminds them how and when to enjoy the good times. They have a voice that gently chides when it’s tempting to play the victim and a voice that encourages them to bite the bullet and get tough things and conversations done.

And they have a voice that reminds them of their value and purpose.

What do your voices tell you?

The mind is like a puppy. Have you ever tried to train a puppy? That cute little critter needs to be reminded over and over again what to do and what not to do and a puppy that gets ignored can be quite naughty. The mind is the same. Our neural pathways might be stuck on a path of victim or unhappiness but they can be changed with clarity, attention and a constant reminder of the way we want things to be.

Personally I like to write sticky notes as my reminder. They are so much gentler than the pain of finding myself in discomfort because I didn’t listen to that voice inside me.

So are you engaged with what you are doing at the moment? What is the voice inside you telling you?

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