Looking like an IDIOT to be more successful

OopsI have a confession to make. I will sometimes delay my successes by not asking for the right help.

Sure I know how to Google like a pro to find answers. And I am quite ok at providing answers for other people’s problems. But I’m not so good at actually asking an expert for help. Especially if it means I might look look an idiot.

It hit home to me last night that I need to ask for help more often (and yessum to those that know that I chose vulnerability as my theme this year; it certainly is about being vulnerable).

I’ve had a Twitter problem for a few weeks now and all the googling in the world didn’t help. I reached a threshold and couldn’t follow more tweeple until more followed me. I like to follow the news sites and of course they don’t follow back.

So I have tried all sorts of things. Except asking a Twitter expert.

Until last night, nearly two months on. I felt like an idiot explaining why I hadn’t followed someone sitting opposite me and explained the whole situation. One of the experts in the conversation is a Twitter Goddess. She simply asked me why I wasn’t following the news sites as lists.

Duh. I even asked the question “Can I do that?” Double Duh. Then I really sounded like an idiot.

Pete Crofts, when I studied his speaking with humour course at the Humourversity, told me dozens of times that the secret to life is to be embarrassed and enjoy it. I’m working on it. And yes I have learned a valuable lesson.

So what’s the thing holding you back right now? Which expert could you call and ask for help? Even if it makes you feel like an idiot.

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