Getting Results & Ditching Patience

What result are you aiming for right now?Get Results with Action

More money in the bank?
More sales in the pipeline?
More holidays?
More staff?
A better (or new) relationship?

I follow Debra Templar on social media and came across her insightful post Movement Creates Opportunity which echoed what I was saying to a lovely client today.

We need to be active to create the results we want.

The trouble is we often look at the result we want (and don’t yet have) and then skip straight to the reasons or the patterns that cause us not to be there. And commonly, we think we have to be patient to overcome the obstacles that are in our way first.

One of the mindsets I use when I’m frustrated by a lack of results is to replace the word PATIENCE with PROCESS. Rather than being patient and waiting for a result to work its way to me I remember that every result has a process that must be followed before it can be achieved. Then I ask myself a smart question. What is the next thing I must do right now (or today) to move me closer to that desired result?

Note the emphasis on the word “do”.

So what is the next action you need to do to achieve your results? Get moving and you will be astounded by the result.

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