When it all goes wrong, do you know what you want?

Logical BrainHow often do things go wrong in your world? I mean little things; let’s not even go there for the really big things right now. I’m talking about things like bad customer service, or a product breaking or even a promise broken by a company you have been buying from.

When something goes wrong how do you react to it? Is your first reaction frustration, regret or maybe even anger? How about resignation (I might or might not be talking about your bank or telco here). Years in customer service roles have shown me that most customers really don’t know what they want. Certainly they want to be listened to as they express their pain and emotion, but they often can’t clearly articulate the result they desire.

I have always been a supporter solving a problem with CLARITY. By taking a moment or two to clearly identify what you want and how you see the situation being resolved you cement the cornerstone of NEGOTIATION. Negotiation is the art of finding where one party says no and both parties work towards a happy resolution.

Next time something doesn’t go to plan consider holding onto your emotions and activating your logical brain. You just might discover the power and satisfaction of getting what you want.



Danielle Storey is passionate about helping others (and herself) finding clarity. Clarity and conviction turned her life from frustration and failure to daily wins and culminated successes.




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