5 ways to Rekindle that Happy Feeling in Business

Let’s face it running a business isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. As leaders of businesses big and small we are often busy and stressed and it’s so easy to lose sight of the fun and joy that we felt in the very beginning. Here are five ways to rekindle that happy feeling in business and help you get up every day feeling like a million dollars.

1. Know your niche

Customers like to do business with people who know their stuff; they trust them to help achieve their own goals. It is easier to be an expert in your industry if you know and understand your niche. If you try to be everything to everyone you end up only knowing a little bit about everything and that can dilute your impact. And being an expert means you can charge more for your knowledge. That’s good for business.

2. Find out what makes your customers smile

Call your customers and ask them what makes them smile in relation to your industry. The simple act of calling each customer and NOT talking about orders or money will help you build a better relationship with them. People love to do business with people they like and people like people who take the time to understand them.happy jumping business owner

3. Get a mentor

Clarity is gold. Get clarity on the next thing you want to achieve and find someone who has already done it. Ask them to spend an hour or three helping you achieve it too. You may need to pay them, or simply take them to lunch or dinner. One of the hallmarks of successful people is their willingness and generosity to share how they did it. And then, when you have achieved something pay that generosity forward to help someone else.

4. Plan and book a holiday

The freedom of being able to travel and share your leisure time with family and friends is one of the reasons many people decide to go into business in the first place. Going on holidays is awesome fun.  It makes most people happy.  It also provides a deadline for a leader to delegate or put systems in place. Book a three week holiday for sometime in the short term future. The deadline will motivate you to put people and systems in place to make sure that your business runs whilst you are in minimal contact (or, ideally, no contact). Who knows it might run better without you.

5. Outsource something

Identify something that you really don’t like doing and find someone who will do it for you. The key to successful outsourcing is to be clear on your KPIs (the actual things that need to be achieved) and the outcome you expect for your investment. Develop a simple system for the activity and document it so that someone can achieve it easily.

Any one of these five strategies will rekindle that happy feeling you started out with. Imagine what would happen if you implemented all five?


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Danielle Storey is a co-owner of a fabulous Australian & NZ business with her husband and daughter and is a mentor and speaker on the topics of Customers – How to Find them and Keep Them, Networking and Staff Engagement. She loves paying it forward, helping business leaders find their WHY? and their drive. She gets up every day and feels like a million dollars and loves helping others to do the same.
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