Want to grow and be more successful? Choose a theme for each year.

Be successful with a themeA few years ago I found myself lamenting that a year passes quickly and I felt I was on a treadmill – lots of activity but no progression in my development. Each year on, I was still battling the demons that I had battled the year before.

Consciously I decided to be more strategic in my life development and choose a theme for each calendar year.  As I deliberately looked in January for a “Life Theme” for the year, I had no idea how transforming this decision would be.

The year I chose “accountability” was the year I chose my business coach. It took many months to explore and find him but after 7 years of extraordinary coaching and even more extraordinary results, I was delighted. It all began with the theme.

The year I chose self-love? Cor. My wonderful, awesome husband and I finished the year off with a wellspring of love that might have been empty otherwise.

I usually spend a couple of weeks in January assessing the things that I think might be holding me back. Last year’s theme of Grace (being Graceful to allow others to be who they need to be) nearly killed me – but I learned enormously about judgement.

This year’s theme is vulnerability, inspired by Ted speaker Brene Brown’s exploration into vulnerability. How is it going? Let’s not go there. It’s nearly August and I have cried buckets. The year’s not over yet but what I have learned so far has expanded me enormously and made me a better person.

I considered moving to half yearly theme (oh boy I was tempted to ditch vulnerability this year in July) but realised that growth and development takes time. And I have time. I believe I have another 30 themes to choose and boy if I get 30 major shifts between now and the day I die I am going to feel pretty darn pleased with myself (HA! Maybe one year I might choose the theme of pride. Or not.).

Consider choosing an annual theme. You can start now if you want and ease into this part of a year. I promise, it will change your life;  Slowly but surely and positively.

Spend a month considering what thoughts or beliefs might be holding you back. At the end of the month, decide on a theme. You might not think about the theme for weeks at a time but at the end of the year you will have grown. I guarantee it. And you don’t have to tell a soul unless you want to but if you do, I would love to hear about your theme for a year journey.

Here are some ideas you might like to consider in your month of searching.

Theme for a Year


I wish for you the best of clarity in your search for growth and success, whatever that might mean for you.

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