Using Instagram for Customer Engagement

instagramWhen you ruminate about social media do you ever wonder what you can do better to engage your customers? Everyone’s talking about using images to catch the attention of the tribe so that they share it. One of the keys to building great tribe relationships starts with being relatable and being able to share it. After all, people do business with people they like. And companies in turn like to Delight the customers that that really like them (not just Facebook Like them).

It’s easy enough to use Pinterest and Facebook for product images but harder when you sell a service. After all, you can only take so many food and friend photos before they get bored and start flicking past your posts when they see your logo or profile picture.

A very clever clogs at, a group of experts in online meeting software, have designed their Instagram page to engage with their tribe by giving us a sneak peak into life at PGi“. Whilst a “sneak peak” is not appropriate for EVERY business using social media (sometimes it might be TMI) it is certainly appropriate for brands who have big tribes.

Every company has processes and systems that make them proud. Share your team running those processes and systems to spread the word of how good you really are. Loyal customers like to feel included – to be in the inner circle, so to speak.

If you sell something that is hard to photograph, consider using Instagram to give a regular “sneak peak” into your world and the way you work to engage your tribe. Snap photos of testimonials, work activities, customer moments and celebrations and make your tribe feel like one of the team. Then share those posts on your other social media – of course always linking back to your site or blog.

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