It’s all in the Follow Through

Follow UpYou know that feeling when you click the mouse button over the wrong link? And then the relief as you don’t let go of the button and drag it away to save you going to the wrong place?

I did that this morning (OK I do it a lot) and it got me thinking. The action that makes things happen between the mouse and the computer is the follow through of the click. The down click is great but it does nothing until you follow through by lifting your finger.

Meeting people in business is the same. It’s all very well to turn up somewhere and talk to a potential customer. But if you don’t follow through with a piece of mail or other clever communication you are simply wasting your time.

7/10 leads are NEVER FOLLOWED UP.

Those pile of business cards on your desk? They are a big fat pile of guilt. Throw them out or delegate them to someone to do something with them.

There are easy systems you can implement to make it easy to follow up. My favourite of the 100 or so I teach? Have a networking plan that involves collecting no more than 3 business cards. That way you are set for success.

For goodness sake – FOLLOW UP.


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