Don’t Spam my LinkedIn Inbox

I am becoming increasingly annoyed at being marketed to, cold, to my private LinkedIn inbox.

I don’t want to be invited to someone’s seminar if I have not had a conversation with them about it first. Do you?

The laws on marketing on email are quite clear. If I haven’t given you permission to send me mail from your mailing list, then marketers don’t have permission to email it. Otherwise it is called Spam. Why should LinkedIn Mail be any different?

I have been so annoyed I have stopped checking my LI inbox as often and this week I missed two important emails from connections that wanted something from me – definitely my mistake, but still, annoying.

What do you think? Is this a problem for you? Do you think it is appropriate to send cold invitations to buy or attend seminars to my inbox on Linked In? And what do you think I can do about it?

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