Do your Older Self a Favour – Be Content in your Age

I woke up this morning and was thinking about how delighted I am to be 44. I love my mid 40s. In fact I have always loved my age. Love the Age you Are

I woke up wanting to write a blog post today about it and then my first call this morning was from a lass who is turning 40 today. She wasn’t too excited about it.

I think it’s sad that so many people in my world don’t like their age.

Here are 4 tips to loving your age:

1. I have always loved the concept that I want to give my 10-year-older-self a gift by loving myself as I am right now. After all I have every intention of staying alive for at least 10 years, and the last thing I want is to regret something then that I can change right now. This frees so much energy up to be used on other thoughts and endeavours.

2. I remember often that many people never get the chance to be my age. I know that sounds corny, but often I look at my gorgeous daughter, I remember that her birth mum died at 36. That’s way too young.

3. I hang around with older people. David’s older than me by a bit. He and many of our friends will be 60 before I am 50. They are wiser than me, so they are fun to hang around and they keep telling me how much fun my age really is – that makes me feel good.

and finally 4. I have a choice on whether I get up every day feeling like a million dollars. What goes on in my head is my domain to affect and effect. So I might spot a couple of wrinkles or a few more layers of flab. So what? I have chosen to like myself and I am determined to find the silver lining. Those wrinkles mean I laugh a lot and those layers of flab mean I enjoy the odd box of cheezels (or maybe more….).

Do your 10-year-on self a favour and see if you can find the silver lining in your age. It makes a difference, I promise. And let me know what it is so I can delight over it with you.

Million Dollar Relationships
Million Dollar Relationships



Danielle Storey is a mentor and speaker in the area of Customer & Self Loyalty and Delight. She has transformed herself from a self professed ex-procrastinator and ex-self-denigrator to a smart and successful business-woman and happy mother.

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